Andrea Maestri

He is an italian architect and designer. His work blurs the line between art, interior and furniture design with limited editions for exhibitions and museums. A boundless visionary talent and playful fantasy led him to create dreamlike objects and spaces, always with an exquisite touch of eccentricity and glamour; starting from a deep knowledge of past cultures, he celebrates a new way of living full of bizarre characters and enchanted atmospheres. The irreverence for conventional design and the unpredictable approach are the main features of his work, determined to shape icons with seductive personality. HIS production is characterized by the obsessive attention to details and the use of atypical materials and finishes, all mixed with great irony and humour; Andrea is constantly exploring a wide range of production techniques, aiming to integrate advanced technologies and ancient manufacturing traditions. He is now focusing on new products in collaboration with design companies and surprising residential spaces for private clients. He lives and works in Milano. For any information or request please contact: